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Step 4:

It’s an old saying that a picture means a thousand words.It rings as true as ever now!

We currently live in a very visual world.

“Look” at:

Facebook news feeds,

Pinterest  boards

Amazon pages

Blog posts


Offline ads

Professional brochures

Customized presentations to offline folks

Graphic sales pages


You name it……..

photos and Images speak volumes everywhere you turn, without language barriers.

Yet, to publish those appealing images you think you need to be a Photoshop ninja, or at the very least find someone who can do the editing for you.

No longer!

“Online Photo Editor,” released by Susan Mercer, a 30-year professional photographer comes to your rescue.

Sue and her hubby, Ed Mercer, have successfully owned Mercer Photography for 30+ years.

Sue’s expertise in editing shines through in the 14 over-the-shoulder, step-by-step videos inside this product.

She uses a free, cross platform, hosted in the Cloud website program, available 24/7, to demonstrate the editing techniques.

Read: no out of pocket money required.

The 14 videos are easy to follow, and quick for you to implement.

In fact, you’ll be saying “that was easy!”

Who would’ve thought!

Just what you and your business will use to stand out and increase your ninja attraction abilities.


Absolutely, there are several!

P’s in a pod……..Photo Restoration, PLR, and Pearl Harbor, plus one more photo-editing program!

What in the world does Pearl Harbor have to do with Online Photo Editor?!

Sue dedicates the photo restoration videos  (with PLR rights – yes, yours to share!) to her Dad, who was a photographer in WWII, as well as a Pearl Harbor survivor.

If he had not encouraged Sue and Ed to open Mercer Photography, you would not be reading about “Online Photo Editor” today.

Now you know the rest of the story!

Get your copy of “Online Photo Editor” today [link]

at a price point that’s less that what you sometimes have to pay for a SINGLE Fiverr gig – there is no beating this deal

Get started with your photo and image editing now, the easy way.

You’ll be happy you did!



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Mail twice (or more)!!!! Once when it goes live and once the next day. If you really want to boost your results, do a prelaunch email the day before letting them know the time so they can take advantage of the low  price.

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